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What stands in the way of empowering your kids to listen, respond, and actually DO what you've asked?

In this FREE video and PDF, you will receive awareness on what stands in the way of empowering your kids to do what you've asked. Not only that, actually WANT to! Implementing strong rules and boundaries, bringing the energy you want to bring to your parenting rather than the energy you don't, creating the harmonious connection that makes empowering your kids to listen possible, and so much more!
Jacqlin Richards  aka The FREEDOM Finder for Parents empowers Men and Women to create more freedom for themselves in their lives as Parents.  To create the live they LOVE - while still being a Parent!

She is a Mother, Parent Empowerment Mentor, Speaker, Facilitator, and Author who is deeply passionate about bringing greater awareness to the way we raise our children & teens. Raising empowered children takes empowered Parents and she loves to walk alongside Men and Women as they empower themselves through her Mentorship and Programs into a very different way of being a Parent.
  What People Are Saying:
"This is like a body and mind overhaul."
Jacqlin's passion for her work is clearly evident. She truly wants me to be the best version of myself and become aware of a new way of living. She provides clear instruction and pathways for this to happen. She comes from a place of raw life experience and lays the cards on the table. Telling it how it is. 

That resonates deeply for me and shows her true class. What is landing for me currently is the subtle shift in consciousness, a realignment if you were. And through her embodiment work, I feel a loosening in my body, a breaking down of use by date energies and past emotions. This is like a body and mind overhaul.

I can see a new way of being in this world and through these internal shifts, the perceived blockages that I have carried for so long can pack their bags!! Get on board and invest in yourself!.... And she's kick-ass cool too! Thanks Jacq!"
Dan - New Zealand
"Knowing I’m not alone was a relief! "
I’ve just completed the empower your kids to listen challenge and boy did I learn a lot about myself as a parent. 

Jacqlin is so easy to listen to and very relatable. Hearing her story and how the content she shares has impacted her life is refreshing. 

Knowing I’m not alone with my weird stories/thoughts I have about why my kiddo reacts how he does was a relief! 

Taking the time to understand the ‘why’ when it comes to my parenting style sounds obvious, but Jacqlin made me realise that we need to get into it a little deeper before we can truly understand and ultimately empower our kiddos.
Mel - New Zealand
"Thank you so much!"
I have spent years searching for help and answers around so much that being a parent has brought up for me and working with you has really helped me. 

I think personal reflection is so valuable as a parent and I know that the work I have done is empowering me to empower my children. 

Jacqlin has such amazing energy, and shares her knowledge and experience in such an authentic, vulnerable and relatable way.

 Thank you so much!
Amy - United Kingdom
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