Parenting From Greatness

An evolution in the way we raise our kids where all parents and children see themselves and each other as powerful.
What does that even mean?

It is the truth and genius that lie in all of us. The gifts, talents, and abilities that are unique to each individual on this planet and which make up our unique purpose for being here. Another way of saying that's our heart!

Greatness is being able to see that everyone is powerful and has a heart. Every single person in this world. You, your partner, your children, your co-parent, your neighbour, your friends. Everyone.

Seeing greatness in ourselves and others is the ability to see someone as powerful 
and see someone's heart from our own heart. 
And what a gift that is.  
One this world greatly needs.

To see beyond the different beliefs and behavior in front of us and parent intuitively from the heart.

A 5 Day Online Program for Parents.

I'm talking about a completely new paradigm in Parenting and 
I can't WAIT to share it with you!

The biggest reasons to join, summed up in a taster video just for you...

If this Program doesn't totally rock your world there is a 30 day money back guarantee!

A 5 Day Online Program for Parents with Jacqlin Richards

I had a car crash entry into becoming a parent!  I could see the debris of my former life all around me and I know I’m not alone!

My transition from corporate Architect to stay-at-home Mum ended with me being hospitalised with my baby for 3 months with severe PND and anxiety which was totally not what I signed up for!  Everything that I thought wouldn't happen to me becoming a parent happened and I had no idea why.  I became a parent that I didn't like very much, parenting in a way that wasn't what I expected or wanted, separated from my husband with a career that I no longer enjoyed.

And all I could ask myself was "what the fuck just happened?"

In those early years, I just wanted someone to tell me how to do it.  Anyone! It didn't matter who. I read all the books and they just confused me more because they weren't talking about me or my kids and a lot of it just didn't feel right!  and 

° I felt like I didn't know what I was doing
° I felt like a total failure most of the time.
° I didn't trust my instincts.  
° I didn't trust myself 
° I didn't trust my intuition.  

Like at ALL!

I felt like I couldn't even access it.  It was like that switch was turned off in relation to being a parent (and everything else if I'm totally honest) and I constantly had to look outside myself for reassurance and to be told what to do.

Until I didn't!

Until I was at the bottom of a hole so deep that I put my hand up and got help with my parenting. I hired a parent mentor and began to learn why I parented the way I did.  I learned how to access my intuition, my internal knowing, and my own natural ability through some incredible work that I went on to do which was an absolute game-changer in my life as a parent. I have been weaving this work together over the last number of years and it is rich with my flavour, stories, and humour - I can't wait to share it with you!

This work will help you:  

  • Understand why you parent the way you do: Why you changed when you became a parent and why your partner changed too!
  • Gain awareness of the cycles from the past which came from the way they were parented: I call it the #WeParentFromThePast trap and it's a trap we ALL nose dive into when we become Mums and Dads because when we become parents we turn INTO our parents! Either applying what they did or reacting strongly to it. And neither end of that spectrum is particularly helpful or authentic or TRUE to the way we actually want to parent, as I found out in my own journey. This awareness allows us to see what drives our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour in our lives as parents which is the first step in doing something new because you need to #KnowWhereYoureComingFrom so you can get to somewhere very different.
  • Discover a new way of parenting: If it didn’t or isn't turning out like they thought it would. Which for many of us it hasn't.

My life as a parent has completely transformed since I made the intention to look at my parenting and invest in the relationships that are going to be with me for the rest of my life. It was so fucking worth it! Because not only did it change my parenting, it changed my whole world!


Because our relationship with everyone and everything is directly informed by the way we were parented and it directly informs our own parenting.

It's all connected.
People laugh when I say everything is parenting.

And it is.
It's ALL parenting.

Change your parenting - Change your life.

Parenting from Greatness. It is an evolution in the way we raise our children and if you come to this Program you will soon see why.

Parenting from Greatness is a completely new way to parent that orientates you out of reaction and into observation and responding, out of your head and the constant thoughts, stories, and self judgements and into your heart. Moving beyond controlling and dominating your kids or feeling out of control as a parent with your kids dominating you and into a shared vision of the relationships you would love to create in your family. 

A way to see yourself in and parent from your greatness. Your intuition. I'm talking about unleashing your Parent GENIUS. Being the parent you would love to be, rather than unconsciously trying to get away from the one you don't. Because this is what most of us are doing without even realising it! A way to see past your kids' undesirable behaviour and see them for the incredible little beings that they are. A way to see them in their greatness. A way to see them as powerful, which is by seeing yourself as powerful first!

I’ll be delivering my 5 Day #ParentingFromGreatness Program from the 8th to the 12th of June 2022, 9am - 5.30pm online via Zoom. A Program rich with my stories, flavour, heart, energy, and humour. And you are invited to join!

This Program is a portal to parenting in a very different way because the world has changed significantly and it's time the way we parent changes with it.

Much love and a tonne of MAGIC!


Here's what Natalie Cutler-Welsh, speaker, author, impact entrepreneur and mother of 3 had to say after only 2 sessions with me...

"I totally recommend Jacqlin for anyone who wants to show up as the best version of themselves. Whether it be in parenting, business or relationships she is empowering and insightful and helps you to bring out your magic 🤩".

And few words of endorsement from Karen Tui Boyes - fellow parenting expert and multi award winning speaker and educator

What is this program about?
#ParentingFromGreatness with Jacqlin Richards is a Program for Parents about Accessing and Working with your Superconscious, Creative Genius in your life as a parent.  So what does that even mean?

Simply put, this Program is about empowering parents to unleash their Parent GENIUS to live the life of their dreams which sounds a bit like MAGIC.  And it is.  Imagine the knowing that comes with your intuition where you just know what to do.  Without anyone else having to tell you!

Without constantly second-guessing yourself and flip-flopping around inconsistently in the way you parent your kids wondering why things aren't going the way you wish they would.  Trying new things that work for a while only to end up back in your old patterns.  Being the parent who constantly beats themselves up for getting it wrong.  The parent who is constantly overwhelmed and stuck in depleted and exhausted mode.  Just surviving.  The parent who lives in seriousness and intensity who couldn't find their funny bone to save themselves.  Or perhaps you're the shouty and reactive parentOr the pushover jellyfish parent.  Or flip-flopping between the 2 like I used to do!

Or perhaps your parenting is going ok and you just know that it could be better!

This Program is not a series of tips and tricks for getting your kids to do what you tell them #SorryNotSorry, although I do have plenty of those and some really great stories to share with you along the way.

This Program is about creating next-level, off-the-chart changes in your life as a Parent by discovering and working with your personal Superconscious Parent Genius.

It facilitates a practical and empowered life focus that unavoidably leads to personal freedom, empowerment, and success in all of your family relationships.  Whatever that looks like for you.  Because it doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, it only matters what's right for you and your family.  To create the life you would love to have, Parenting from Greatness!

Who is this program for?
This Program is for those who identify as Parents!  It is for those who want to do it differently.
It is for those who can see the world has significantly changed and know that it is time that the way we parent changes with it.  It is for those who had a 'rose tinted glasses' idea of what being a parent would be and to their dissapointment are living something very different.  It is for those who want to expereince their lives as parents in the fun, relaxed, and empowered way that really is possible.  Even if they do know how to actually get it.

It is for those who want to develop and practice their intuition to create the relationships they would love to have with their partner or coparent and their children.  To live from their Parent GENIUS and create the family life of their dreams!

That's who this Program is for!

Date: 8th - 12th of June

Not sure yet? Listen to the incredible transformation of Lee Crawford.

Here's what Jo had to say about working with me...

And a few words from Dan...

This 5 Day Program includes:

  • Creative Consciousness - Getting creative rather than being reactive!
  • Kick-ass Level Intuition - Coming back to you to find out what to do!
  • Dysfunctional Belief System Education - What is driving your thoughts and feelings every single day!
  • Advanced Self Awareness - Why you parent the way you do - you have to know this to do it differently!
  • Positive Mindset Activation - Taking off those old 'negative Nancy' lenses and seeing through fresh eyes!
  • Superconscious Creative Dynamics - Shifting the focus away from what you don't want to what you do!
  • Mechanics of Creating - Using the shitty bits to create magic ones!
  • Evolved Visioning Techniques - Discovering what you would love to create with your family.
  • Empowered Choice Making - The way to make it happen!

All with a focus on your life as a Parent....And so much more.

 I'll be sharing the tools and life changing approaches I have discovered through this work delivered through epic and very funny stories!

The #ParentingFromGreatness Program is available to anyone who identifies as a Parent and wants to do it differently.
Testimonies from other Parents


We came to work with Jacqlin in a very low parenting moment, overwhelmed with the incesseant demands and trying to meet everyone's needs.  It was just too much!  We were in a very stagnant place, totally exhausted at the end of the day with no time for ourselves or each other.

Jacqlin's work has been a tremendous learning journey and also transformational.  The way I look at the way I parent has completely changed. There is much more forgivness, acceptance, and compassion for myself as a mother, wife and as a person. 

There has been a lot of healing for me and my children.  I have given myself permission to just be human and that it's OK for my children to see me in that way, as human.  It gives them permission to own their emotions and be more expressive.

Our favorite tool is the I want/you want where I will say "I want 10 minutes on the phone, what do you want afterwards?"  So simple and so life changing!  Realising you can't control how anyone else reacts is a huge relief.  I've felt so supported all the way through and she goes over and above in that support.  You can feel at ease because she holds the space for you to be authentic so you can move forward.  Jacqlin's passion is contagious!

Hearing from other parents sharing their challenges and successes and seeing their progress has also been wonderful.  My biggest takeaway was that whatever is going on outside of you, the shouting, the chaos, the frustration is a good reflection what is going on inside of you.  A huge thing in this work is how are you looking after yourself?  Because if you are at the bottom of the pile as a parent, everyone else suffers as well.  I've learned the importance of looking after myself and working on ways how to make sure this happens.


I have spent years searching for help and answers around so much that being a parent has brought up for me and Jacqlin's work has really helped me.

I think personal reflection is so valuable as a parent and I know without a doubt that that this work has empowered me to empower my children. 
Jacqlin has such amazing energy and shares her knowledge and experience in such an authentic, vulnerable and relatable way.  I would recommend working with her to anyone wanting change in their life as a parent.  Thank you so much!


I was really struggling with my kids and being a parent when I found Jacqlin. She was easy to talk with which allowed me to open up about how I was really feeling about being a parent. Something I had been ashamed of admitting to others. 

Jacqlin helped me to understand both my kids and myself in a way that has empowered me as a parent. I learnt so many valuable tools to use in my parenting which has changed everything. Both the kids and I really appreciate the changes that have come about from my work with Jacqlin and I highly recommend her to others.


I've been pretty open and honest about the challenges I face as a single Mum working full-time as I raise two boys solo. There had to be a different way for me to parent. To parent with the conscious intention, self-awareness, deep intimacy, and love. I'd been committed to attachment parenting when my boys were little, yet somehow, as they grew in stature and independence, power struggles ensued and I began to feel worn out and overwhelmed by single-motherdom. By the time we reached the second week of level 4 lockdown, the fighting, tantrums, and my guilt over my reactivity reached epic proportions.

Enter Jacqlin and her life-changing work. She supported me, witnessed me, and empowered me through processing my own guilt and shame over the times when I wasn't the Mum I desired to be. Through her work, I received what I refer to as 'micro-tips' which are tiny little actions that prompted HUGE changes in the energy and relationships in our household. She supported me in shedding the judgement, of myself and the behaviour that was really grinding my gears, and led me to a place of open curiosity. A place where I could put down my control and power over and relax back into grace and ease and confidence in my mothering and in my children.

Thank you Jacqlin for all you've gifted to our family

Program Breakdown:

  • Printable workbook - A record of everything I cover in the Program to ensure you get the most out of all the tools and approaches I share with you.  (Value $297)
  • Life long access to the session recordings - This new way of parenting won't become second nature overnight so you will have the recordings to go back to.  (Value $1997)
  • Access to the Wolfpack - Membership into my advanced level community to continue your journey of transformation.  Holy shitballs this is next level stuff!  (Value $497)
  • ​Email Support - Direct access to me before, during, and after the program to get all your questions answered and overcome challenges that might arise.  (value $997)
  • Access ​to Wolfpack Circle Sessions - It's so easy to put it down and forget what you learn so these super fun and supportive sessions are there for you after the program completes to ensure you stay connected to this incredible work!!  (value $967)
  • ​Discounted Access to future trainings and programs - Our learning as humans is never done so if you're up for more be on the look out for the next level, off the charts programs and trainings in your WolfPack Community.  (value $39 - $1897)

Total Value $ 6652


Because that is what it investment!  
An investment in your family, your relationships and the future of your kids.  
An investment in the relationships that are going to be around for the rest of your life.  
Which are soooo worth investing in!

The full price of this Program is $997 
and to celebrate the launch of the first LIVE round there is a massive discount in the investment price!
Grab it while you can.

Hurry, this Program will never again be 
seen at this super low price!

*** $997 will be the investment of the 5 Day LIVE Program moving forward.
30 Day 'Rock Your World' Guarantee
30-Days to Rock Your World.  If after going through the program with me, attending each day, fully completing all of the exercises and the workbook, you feel like you didn't get a crazy amount of value for your money, just send me an email and I will happily reimburse you, no questions asked. 

Please allow 5 business days to process.

Frequently Asked Questions

I could answer them myself but I figured it would mean much more to you if I got someone to answer them who's been where you are at right now.  Katie felt exhausted, overwhelmed, that she was failing as a parent at the bottom of the pile of the never ending demands of her family.  Watch the following video snippets to hear her answer some of the FAQ's that I've received around the work I do with parents by sharing her own experience.  Offering words around her journey as a parent, investing in herself, her family, and the power of this incredible work.

Is this program right for me and my family?
Why Should I enrol in your program?
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